Friday, March 30, 2012

TToF: The 90's edition

Friday night! You know what that means!


I feel old in the respect that some people consider 90's stuff to be "vintage" now. XD But I will admit that there are plenty of 90's stuff that I love and/or remember fondly. And my last few Goodwill finds are prime examples of that.

GIANT CARE BEAR! Haha, I actually have a large Cheer Bear that was a gift from my mother that's about this size. But this one, I've been keeping on my bed, sort of using it as another pillow. XD She's so soft and comfy--and big! (I put a pen next to it so you could get an idea.) I didn't know which Care Bear it was, since it's one of those newer characters they made up more recently...I looked it up and she's apparently Harmony Bear.

This one was $1.99 + tax.

I really couldn't pass this one up--Animaniacs pillow cases! There were two of them, and I knew my boyfriend could use a new one, so I snapped these up. We both used to love the cartoon, so now we're total dorks with Animaniacs pillows on our bed. TOTALLY HIGH CLASS, right? Right. XD

$1.99 for the set of two + tax.

I've been wanting to try out a tutorial I found for making reusable t-shirt tote/grocery bags...and I thought this was a cool print that could work well for something like that. (Once I try it out, I'll be sure to post here about it.) Definitely makes me think of the 90's.

$1.49 (on sale!) + tax.

And last, but not least:
High top sneakers! (Can't get more 90's than that, can you?) Seriously, I was excited to find these, because I usually never find shoes my size in thrift stores (I have big feet, sadly ^^; )...these were like new, and fit me perfectly! I had never heard of the shoe company before ("Pastry"), so I looked them up, and they actually have some pretty cute shoes! And apparently, I got a pretty good deal on them...brand new it looks like the cheapest sneakers they have are around $30. I got these for $3.49. The photos don't do the pink trim justice, either--the metallic trim is a pink with swirls of green and gold, giving it a pearly sort of tint. It looks really neat close up.

This week's total: About $8.96 + tax

Bonus photo! What do you get for the person who has everything? A custom-made, wooden yo-yo holder, of course.
(Someone actually bought this since I took the picture, if you can believe that. XD)

Until next time!

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