Friday, April 20, 2012

TToF: A bundle of cute

It's Friday night! Time for another exciting episode of--!

Dun dun dun DUUUUN! :)

Only 2 finds this week, but they were pretty cute, so I was happy with them! First up:

Six (SIX!) Care Bear pillow plushies! I was digging through the stuffed animals and found the Birthday Bear (the yellow one) I continued to dig, I found the others one by one. These are similar to that Strawberry Shortcake cushion I found a while back--originally, they were sold as fabric that you sewed into the pillows yourself. These are actually from the 80s, and even though they're already sewn together, the going rate seems to be around $10 each on eBay. The Goodwill I got these at sells most of their stuffed animals for 49 cents each, so I got all 6 of these for $2.94 plus tax, which isn't too bad! A couple of them have eyes that look kinda funny, but overall I think they're pretty cute. xD

And second: The Heidi Kenny (of MyPaperCrane) designed strawberry donut plush released by Kidrobot! This really surprised me, considering that originally this plush is kind of on the expensive side (retails for about $25!). I've always liked her work (if you've never checked out her website, do it--SO much cute!), so I recognized it instantly. I guess since it was so cute looking, the Goodwill put it with the stuffed animals instead of the pillows; so it, too was only 49 cents! Definitely not something I thought I'd find second hand. It's practically brand new as well--the fabric is super soft! There's a couple of marks on the back, but I think I'll be able to clean that off gently with some soapy water if it's just marker like I think it is.

Grand total this trip: $3.43 + tax
A fun, cute haul this week! And pretty cheap, too, which is always a bonus. What do you guys think?

Til next time!

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